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Anolon 47290 Kitchen Tools Set Onyx EGHHQHQAN

Anolon 47290 Kitchen Tools Set Onyx EGHHQHQAN

Anolon 47290 Kitchen Tools Set Onyx EGHHQHQAN

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Home kitchen tools to complement your decor and impress your friends!Can be hung up from a hook after use, clean and neat.Food grade silicone with strong beveled edge and super easy to wash in the dishwasher.Completely safe for use on non-stick surfacesHeat resistant up to 250 degree celsius / 500 degree fahrenheit and stain resistant.

This colourful hygienic, silicone headed ladle is sure to brighten any kitchen.

Completely safe for use on non-stick surfaces it is stain resistant, as well as heat resistant up to 260 degree celsius (500 degree Fahrenheit).

This silicone Kitchen Spatula ladle features a sleek, streamlined appearance with a Stay-Cool stainless steel handle, but don't let its playful appearance fool you.

The non-stick ladle doesn't sacrifice function for form. This is a sturdy, well made, High Quality Home Kitchen Tool that is a stainless steel core slotted turner bed covered by BPA FREE Silicone coating. This is your perfect pancake flipper!
You will not be disappointed! Click the Add to Cart button and add the playful touch off Kitchen Tools to your kitchen today!

Other benefits include a brushed stainless steel handle.

It can be co-ordinated with a range of other items, allowing you to mix, match and co-ordinate your kitchen in a striking array of colours. The silicone headed ladle is 28cm / 11" and is dishwasher safe.
Made from a high grade silicone it also comes with a five year guarantee.

Box Contains

1 x slotted ladle

Anolon 47290 Kitchen Tools Set Onyx EGHHQHQAN

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